Alexandre Anderson is an fisherman and human rights defender, working tirelessly for the rights of men and women who make their living from fishing and the sea. He faces a constant struggle against land developers, corporate interests and government authorities.


Initially when Almir and Pituca went missing we weren’t immediately alarmed even though they had already killed Paulo and Marcos.
They didn’t just kill Pituca and Almir - it was barbaric and cruel.
They tied up our friends and left them to drown. They were drowned by the water that flows from the Guandaxiba River – the very river we are trying to save, the environment we are trying to preserve.
They were in the way of the fucking pier.
They are – chasing us – hunting us - killing us…
They kill us and we bury our friends. When we bury them a little bit of ourselves goes with them.
But we will not be driven out of our homes on Guanabara Bay.
The choice is simple - either we impose our will and survive – or we leave things as they are and use our boats as firewood to cook our last meal on the beach.