Farai Maguwu is a human rights defender and Director of the Center for Research and Development in eastern Zimbabwe, where he documents horrific abuses - including beatings, torture, forced labour and killings - taking place at the Marange diamond fields. As a champion of human rights standing up to mining interests that are connected to the politically powerful in Zimbabwe, Farai faces serious threats and harassment in his work, and he has been jailed on numerous occasions.


When I first began to track the levels of violence in Marangue, I knew the risks would be high. People who challege the official propaganda are seen as enemies of the state.

I was accused of exposing the violence to a diamond industry monitor and undermining the economic interests of the country – this is why they label me a sell-out.
I am the youngest of 6 children – my next oldest brother, Itai, he and I were very close. He was assassinated in July 2000 for pushing for a return to real democracy. His killing crushed me, but it also inspired me to standup and speak out against violence and injustice. It took away my fear.
The government has assaulted my family, placed me under surveillance, put me in jail, stopped me from leaving the country, confiscated my documents, infiltrated my organization...
... and now this!
Zimbabwe’s Notorious Sellout.

The Sellout in our midst.
Anything to stop the truth from coming out.